Trunk Won’t Open With Remote Or Button: 7 Ways To Open!

The biggest advantage of a key fob is to get access to your car trunk without being physically close to it. But this remote access facility is an extra input for you. There is always a switch for the trunk to open up. However, often time, both facilities may betray and keep you stranded. 

Yes, you may face a situation where you need to open the trunk, but the button and remote are not working, and you are standing helpless. Don’t be! There are many ways to open your car trunk. You just need to go manually.

Keep reading this article to know all those manual methods in detail.

What to Do If the Trunk Won’t Open With The Remote Or Button?

What to Do If the Trunk Won't Open With The Remote Or Button
What to Do If the Trunk Won’t Open With The Remote Or Button

There are several solutions to resolve this issue. You can open the trunk by pressing the trunk opener button situated in the gearbox. Or you can pull the emergency release buttons and loops situated inside the trunk or under the rear headset. 

Or, in desperate demand, you can drill a hole under the license plate and open the trunk. Also, by bending the rear set, you can insert it into the trunk and open it.

The most common cause of remote failure is there must be a dead battery inside the key fob. Change the key fob battery to make it work. The trunk will release with the remote.

There could be a wiring problem that fails the button to open the trunk. The local auto repair shop can repair this problem. Or you can repair it if you have enough knowledge. Also, there could be damage to the trunk latch. Without repairing these, you can not open the trunk with a remote or button.

Read the next portion to open the trunk in emergency conditions following other methods.

Other Ways To Open Trunk

This section has enclosed some other lifesaver methods for the particular situation. The interior trunk release or the exterior release systems are included in these methods.

These manual ways are effective but hard to do. Also, these ways are not suitable for regular practice. 

Way 1: By Pressing The Trunk Opener Button Or Valet Switch

The main trunk button is located on the passenger side. If that is not working, find another trunk opening button or the valet switch, which you can find in the gearbox in most cars. Or it may be located under the steering or left to the steering.

  • Open the gearbox
  • Press the trunk release button

But if your car has no button like this, you can follow the other options.

Way 2: By Pulling The Emergency Release Inside the Trunk

Emergency Release Inside the Trunk
Emergency Release Inside the Trunk

The emergency release cable mainly remains inside the trunk on the lid. Some cars have a glowing indicator to find the cable easily. It is given mainly to escape if anyone is stuck inside. Pull the cable and open the trunk.

Way 3: By Drilling


If any other options are not working, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Unscrew the bolts of the license plate

Step 2: Remove the license plate. You can see an additional hole under the license plate

Step 3: Drill away inside the hole

Step 4: Use a flathead screwdriver (Our pick) to pry open the actuator latch. It will open the trunk

Step 5: Use a rubber flush plug grommet to cover the hole

Step 6: Place the license plate back and screw the bolts

It is the most effective way and has almost no chance of failing. Be careful while drilling. Inserting the drill machine in the wrong hole can damage other parts. So, confirm the hole and then continue this process.

Way 4: By Bending Rear Seat

Another easy way to open the trunk manually is to enter the trunk and open it. To do that, follow the steps: 

Step 1: Bend the rear seats of your car

Step 2: Enter into the trunk

Step 3: Now find the interior trunk release latch

Step 4: Pull the latch

Step 5: Open the trunk from the inside

This way is tricky and risky to do as there is a chance of being stuck inside the trunk if you are unable to find the latch. Entering the trunk is easy, but it is harder to come back in the same way.

Way 5: By Pulling The Emergency Trunk Release Loop Underneath The Headset

Many cars do not have an emergency trunk release loop under the headset. Check your rear seat headset. If not present, check the car manually if it is present or not. To open the trunk in this way

  1. Go to the back seat
  2. Put the headrest up. You can see a lid designed for a car with an open trunk in front of the child latch system
  3. Open the lid. You can see a loop inside
  4. Pull it with your finger and that will open the trunk

Use this method when you have no way to open the trunk. Do not follow this method regularly as their connection can be loose for using it too much.

Way 6: Use the Car Key

If you find any lock in the trunk, open it manually. That means using the car key to open the trunk with the key.

Way 7: Bring Your Car To A Auto Repair Shop Or A Locksmith

This is the safest way to open your trunk if you are not expert enough to open the trunk by yourself. If you are not confident to open it without any harm or damage to the car, you should go to a nearby auto repair shop or a locksmith. You do not have to pay a lot for this problem. Also, the trunk will release safely.

Overall, do not force open the trunk. If it is not opening, take an expert’s help. Check the manual before pressing any button or pulling any cable. You can tie a cloth to the trunk latch for further opening the trunk, as it will not let the trunk close fully.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some commonly asked questions by people about the trunk opening issue.

Why is my car trunk not opening with the remote?

Your car trunk is not opening with the remote because there could be a problem in connection inside the key fob or the batteries are dead. Changing the batteries or repairing the key fob is the only solution.

How do you fix a trunk that won’t open?

To fix a trunk that won’t open, first detect where the problem is. Fix the trunk according to the problem or go to the repair shop for a better result.

Why won’t my trunk open with a button or key?

Your trunk won’t open with a button or key because there could be a problem with the key fob or in the wiring connection. Fix these two parts to open the trunk.


Opening a trunk manually is not hard to do. We are used to the easy techniques to work easily. Pressing a remote or a touch to the trunk button opens the trunk quickly. But if these two easy-to-do machines stop working, you have to follow the hard or manual techniques.

Though manually opening seems very easy to do so, you must have clear knowledge about the switches, wirings, and parts. A wrong press can affect other functions. So before following these methods, once check the car manual and be sure about the switches. But it is always better to take the car to an expert.

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