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Will A Bad Alternator Keep A Car From Starting

Will A Bad Alternator Keep A Car From Starting?

The alternator keeps your car running smoothly by providing electricity to vital electrical parts. Can a malfunctioning alternator, however, completely stop your car?  Several problems can be the cause of…

PS light Mean

What Does an Illuminated PS Light on My Car Mean?

Primarily, a car’s “PS” light stands for the Power Steering warning light. A vehicle’s power steering system helps the driver control the wheels more easily by utilizing hydraulic or electric…

How Much Does It Cost to Service the AdvanceTrac

How Much Does It Cost to Service the AdvanceTrac?

AdvanceTrac is a critical device created to improve stability and control when it comes to vehicle safety. To guarantee maximum performance and dependability, AdvanceTrac may need repair. The service AdvanceTrac…

What Does Check DRL System Mean On Car?

DRL means Daytime Running Lights. These are a type of lighting intended to increase visibility and safety throughout the day.  The DRL indicator light plays a crucial role in maintaining…

Smoke Catalytic Converter

What is Smoke Catalytic Converters in Your Car?

Smoke catalytic converters serve as the equivalent of environmental superheroes in the exhaust system. These amazing devices use a series of chemical processes to eliminate toxic gases and particle matter….