What Do Blue Dots In Tail Lights Mean?

Blue lights in tail lights might seem like a foreign or uncommon phenomenon to you all. This was actually one of those cool trends or modifications people used to do to their cars to fit in or stand out from the crowd.

This is basically a blue light installed or fixed in the middle of the regular red tail light. Because of the mixture of these two colors, the resultant shade is a purple hue. Usually, these lights are not pre-installed and are aftermarket products. 

You will get further information on blue dots in tail lights and how to install them in this article.

What Do Blue Dots In Tail Lights Mean

A Thorough History of Blue Dot in Lights

The blue dot in the tail light was a very popular modification from the 30s till the late 50s. However, the popularity started to dwindle and eventually diminish once it became illegal in almost every state in the year 1957.

Installing blue dot tail lights is very much illegal to date in almost all states. But there is a high chance that you’ll see them fitted in the hot rod or classic car meets. 

Back in the day, almost every kind of vehicle owner would install this modification in their automobile, starting from motorcycles, trucks, sedans, semis, hot rods, and trailers too.

When Was It First Introduced?

The first-time blue lights on tail lights were seen in Packard’s from 1933 to 1935. Rumor has it that they were the original manufacturer and the mastermind behind this invention. 

But it was never confirmed if that actually was true or just a made-up story. 

What is Blue Dot Tail Light Exactly?

It is a regular tail light that has a blue lens around an inch in diameter fitted in the center. In most cases, they are round in shape. 

This modification was usually installed right above the brake lights rather than the running lights.

So, when you press on the brakes over your vehicle, the blue dot lens will illuminate itself. 

You probably know by now that all brake lights are of red color, so when that gets combined with the blue of the blue dot light it can come off as purple or even magenta rather than bright red.

The Legal Status in Present Time

This might look fascinating and different, but it is absolutely illegal to have it on your car now. 

The law states that the only color allowed for brake lights and running lights is red, white for license plate illumination and reverse lights, and amber for the turn signals.

This is the reason why the blue dot in the tail lights has become almost diminished. They do not come in any car manufactured in the factory and have to be bought and installed separately as an aftermarket product.

If you are looking into buying cars that are old and vintage then there is a chance that they’ll have this modification pre-installed into them. But you definitely will not see this modification in the newer and latest cars that are being manufactured in the market. 

Why Were Blue Dots in Tail Lights Used?

It is still unclear as to who or what really started the idea of blue dots in tail lights. The initial idea behind this innovation has seem to become lost in the mix. 

And nobody to date can properly identify the inventor of this seemingly cool and aesthetic car lens addition.

Blue Dots in Tail Lights Used
Blue Dots in Tail Lights Used

Fog Combatting Lights

Some assumed that the purpose behind the blue lens was to combat fog and were used as fog lights back in the day. 

But it has been widely accepted for years now that yellow lights are best as fog lights. Therefore, the theory does not make a lot of sense. 

Although, there are a few people who ardently believe that blue light is a better alternative to red brake lights for combating fog. But there is no way to prove this theory.

For Aesthetic Purpose

Next, people also assumed that this modification was first founded because of the purple hue it creates when mixed with the red from the brake light. This set their cars apart from the rest of the people. 

It was believed that this modification was done for the style and the aesthetic.

On-House Call Doctors

It was also a popular belief that in the 30s only on-house call doctors had blue dots installed in their tail lights. 

This way the police were able to tell them apart from the regular popular and wouldn’t stop them. Once word got out about this, street racers got these installed into their vehicles to get the same treatment from the police.

However, the theories mentioned above are to date just speculations as nothing has been confirmed yet. And as time is going by, it is seemingly getting more challenging to locate a car enthusiast from that generation to confirm the theories.

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How To Install Blue Dot in Tail Lights

Here is a step-by-step guide to how to install blue dots in tail lights if you are ever interested to do it:

Step 1: Mark Where You Want to Install the Lens

First, carefully remove the cover of the factory tail light from the tail light housing. 

Now, locate the brake light bulb and put a spot or a mark on the factory tail light lens. For optimum effect, you should put the blue lens right on top of the red brake light bulb.

Step 2: Drill

You now need to take measurements of the blue lens mounting piece. It is chrome and should be placed on the factory tail light. 

After doing all of that, it is time for you to drill a hole in the place you marked in Step 1. The diameter of it should be as same as the blue lens housing.

One thing that you must ensure is to not put a crack on the factory lens while you are drilling.

Step 3: Insert the Blue Dot

Clear the whole from any plastic shavings and then put the blue dot inside of the tail light hole. 

Bend the locking tabs to make sure that the light is tightly fixed in its spot. Once you put the lens inside, you are done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do blue dots in tail lights mean?

It really doesn’t hold much meaning as of yet other than the fact it looks cool.

Are blue dot lights legal anymore?

They are not. However, in some states, they are legal in cars such as hot rods.

Does DOT approve of blue headlights?

No, they do not approve of blue headlights.

What does the blue light mean in a police car?

The blue lights in police or, as a matter of fact, in ambulances or fire trucks shows that the vehicle is being used for emergency purposes.

How does one install blue dots in tail lights?

The factory lens has to be removed; a hole then has to be made. Lastly, put the blue dot in the hole and secure it.

Final Words

In our opinion, it is better not to have these lights as you may fall into legal trouble and have to pay a sizeable fine for it as well. 

The blue dot in the tail light must have been banned for a reason, most likely for safety purposes, so it is better to have your standard light settings.

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