Electronic Throttle Control Repair Cost – (With Different Car Models)

As technology advances in the automotive industry, electronic throttle control systems have become a standard feature in modern vehicles. These systems offer enhanced performance and efficiency but can also pose challenges when they break down and require repair.

If you’re experiencing issues with your car’s electronic throttle control, you may wonder how much electronic throttle control repair costs. The cost for parts ranges from $300 to $850, while labor is estimated at $80 to $150. However, the cost can vary depending on several factors.

This article explores the average cost of electronic throttle control (ETC) repair and what factors can affect the final price.

Electronic Throttle Control Repair Cost

How Much Is Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Repair Cost?

The replacement cost for the electronic throttle controller can vary from $380 to $1000, depending on your location, the duration of the job, and your car’s model. If the throttle body is also damaged and requires replacement, the costs can be similar.

The high expenses associated with this repair are mainly due to the need for a special “re-learn” procedure.  This is done when replacing parts of the electrically controlled throttle system or disconnecting the wiring harness on certain vehicles.

Generally, labor rates can range from $80 to $150 per hour, although this can vary significantly. The actual labor time required for throttle body repair can vary depending on the complexity of the system and any additional issues that may need attention.

Comparison Between Different Car Models

The ETC system consists of a throttle pedal, an accelerator pedal position sensor, a throttle body, and an engine control module (ECM). Throttle body replacement parts can usually be done within an hour or more, depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the specific engine.

The cost of ETC repair can vary among car models due to various factors. This includes the complexity of the system and the availability of parts.

Here’s a comparison of electronic throttle control (ETC) repair costs across different car models

Car ModelAverage ETC Repair Cost RangeParts costLabor Cost
Ford F-150 $372 – $483$330 – $431.$42 and $52
2004 Ford Explorer$274-$337$213 – $260$61 and $77
SUV$250 – $650$200 – $500$50 – $150
Honda Civic$561-$645$441-$493$120 – $152
Honda Accord $206- $675 $154- $569$52-$106
Honda CR-V$251 – $977$199- $821 $52 – $156
Toyota Camry$568-$710$448 – $559$120 – $151
Chevrolet Silverado 1500$90-$591$30- $471.99$60-$120
Nissan Altima$157-$440$62 to $440$95

6 Factors Affecting Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Repair Cost

Some of the variables that contribute to the expense of ETC maintenance are as follows.

1. Vehicle Make and Model

Different vehicles have varying ETC system designs, components, and accessibility, which can impact the complexity of repairs. Luxury or high-performance vehicles may have more advanced or specialized ETC systems. It leads to higher repair costs compared to the economy or mainstream vehicles.

2. Extent and Severity of the Problem

Minor issues like sensor calibration or wiring repairs are generally less expensive to address. However, significant problems such as throttle body failure or ECU malfunctions may require component replacements or more extensive repairs, resulting in higher costs.

3. Replacement Parts Required

ETC systems can include various components such as throttle bodies, sensors, wiring harnesses, or ECUs. The price of these parts can vary depending on the vehicle manufacturer, availability, and whether original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts are used.

OEM parts tend to be more expensive but often offer better quality and compatibility.

4. Labor Rates

Labor rates for ETC repairs can differ based on location, shop expertise, and market conditions. Dealerships generally have higher rates compared to independent repair shops.

The complexity of the repairs and diagnostics can also impact the overall labor cost, potentially requiring additional hours and increasing the total expense.

5. Warranty Coverage

If your vehicle is under warranty, ETC system repair costs may be covered partially or fully. Reviewing warranty details is crucial to understand coverage and conditions. You’ll be responsible for the repair costs if the warranty is expired or doesn’t cover the specific ETC issue.

6. Diagnostic and Testing Fees

Diagnostic tests are commonly needed to identify ETC issues before repairs. Some repair shops may charge additional diagnostic or testing fees, increasing the overall repair cost. It’s recommended to ask about these fees when obtaining repair estimates.

What Does Throttle Body Replacement Include?

There are several activities that the throttle body replacement includes. They are as follows.

  • Diagnostic testing to confirm the need for throttle body replacement
  • Removal of the old throttle body unit from the engine
  • Installation of a new throttle body in place of the old one
  • Reconnecting electrical connections, vacuum lines, and other components
  • Calibration and adaptation of the new throttle body to work with the engine control unit (ECU)
  • Testing the vehicle to verify the proper functioning of the new throttle body
  • Monitoring sensor readings and checking for abnormal behavior or error codes during testing
  • Some vehicles may require the replacement of integrated sensors or components that are part of the throttle body assembly

How Often To Replace Your Throttle Body?

How Often To Replace Your Throttle Body

Carbon accumulation in the throttle body might impair its operation. Thus it needs to be cleaned. The throttle body generally gets dirty after 80,000–100,000 km.

However, after around 75,000 miles, you should give it a thorough cleaning. Your automobile will run more smoothly and last longer if you regularly clean the throttle body. Over time, the throttle becomes clogged with dirt, debris, and filth, which slows it down significantly.

How To Save Money on The Electronic Throttle Control Repair?

  • Regularly maintain and service your vehicle to prevent major ETC issues.
  • Research and perform DIY troubleshooting for minor issues before seeking professional help.
  • Compare repair quotes from multiple reputable repair shops to find the best price.
  • Consider independent repair shops that often have lower labor rates compared to dealerships.
  • Check if your vehicle is still under warranty to see if ETC repairs are covered.
  • purchase extended warranties or service contracts that provide coverage for ETC-related issues.
  • Take preventive measures, such as keeping the air intake system clean and using quality fuel.
  • Follow proper driving habits to reduce strain on the throttle body.
  • Inquire about diagnostic or testing fees upfront when seeking repair estimates.
  • Prioritize safety and quality by choosing qualified professionals and genuine or high-quality replacement parts

Final Words

Electronic throttle control (ETC) repairs can be expensive sometimes. So it’s important to know how much they typically cost and how they compare between makes and models.

We looked into how much it would cost for various types of components and labor. This is based on a number of different estimates, and how much it would cost to fix various types of automobiles.

If you want a trouble-free ride and to save money on repairs, you should give your vehicle’s throttle control system the attention it deserves. Keep yourself well-informed, take your car to trustworthy repair shops, and take good care of your vehicle.

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