Car’s Speedometer And Odometer Not Working – What To Do?

The Speedometer and Odometer not working can be traced to blown fuses, bad sensors, etc. Replacing these components can get the speedometer and odometer working.

Whether you’re a beginner car enthusiast or an experienced cookie, this comprehensive article will provide you with everything. So, let’s explore speedometers, odometers, and the necessary steps you can take to get them working!

Speedometer and Odometer Not Working – Quick Summary

The speedometer and odometer are two important gauges that track a car’s speed and mileage. When these tools fail, it can be both irritating and concerning.

As a car enthusiast, you should be able to rely on the trusty vehicle. The speedometer measures your vehicle’s current speed, while the odometer records the overall mileage traveled. These instruments ensure accuracy, safety, and aid in car maintenance.

The origin of the Speedometer wires carry impulses from the magnetic speed sensor on the differential case. They don’t carry alternator voltage. They send an electrical signal the end point gauge.

When your speedometer and odometer suddenly stop working, it’s critical to figure out what’s causing the problem. It can be one of thes following:

  1. Blown Fuse: When a fuse blows, the electrical connection is disrupted. This causes your speedometer and odometer to malfunction.
  2. Faulty Speed Sensor: The speed sensor, which is normally found on the transmission or wheel hub, supplies the data required to calculate speed and distance. A faulty or damaged speed sensor might produce erroneous or non-functional data.
  3. Broken Wire: Frayed or damaged wires can disrupt the flow of data from the speed sensor to the instrument cluster, causing the speedometer and odometer failure.

How to Fix Your Speedometer and Odometer Not Working?

With the knowledge of common causes and practical fixing steps, you can tackle these issues head-on. Read on how to do it:

1. Take Out the Speedometer/Odometer

take Out the SpeedometerOdometer

Wiring damage can break continuity causing the speedometer and odometer not getting a signal. To begin, give the dash a “Wack” on the top. This is just enough to reset the connections and ensure continuity.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, you need to do some troubleshooting.

Start by determining the location of the speed sensor in your car. It is often found on the transmission case (differential, or wheel hub).

However, on some cars, one end of the speed sensor goes into the transmission and the other end of the wire is up to a plug at the very top of the engine.

You can also follow these instructions.

2. Remove the Speed Sensors

Gently remove the speedometer by prying it out. The rubber surround comes out too, so insert a small screwdriver behind the surround. Use soft clothes to prevent damaging the dash.

Carefully remove the speed sensor from its housing. Unscrew the bolts or unclip the retaining clips. Take your time to avoid damaging any components.

This will reveal some wirings. There are also some wirings in the spare tire area which will be useful to find out the problem.

3. Check for Electric Connections

Check for Electric Connections

In the spare tire area there are some electrical connections under the black plastic cover on the fore wall. The fuel gauge connector has three wires.

The speedometer connector there has two wires. Make sure all is good there. If the wires there look damaged, that’s your issue.

Often you will find red wires turning pink due to overheating. Clean up the ends, and re-crimp to a similar type of connector and re-attach.

4. Fix Wiring Issue

You must first determine whether or not you are receiving a signal from the sensor before proceeding. Ohm the wires for continuity, and so on.

Start by cleaning the connectors on the back of the cluster with the eraser trick. Sometimes simply unplugging and inserting restores connections. Repair or replace the affected wiring to restore proper functionality.

5. Fixing Odometer/ Speedometers Gear Failure

Sometimes, the odometer doesn’t work at all and the speedometer goes haywire this is apparent when you release the throttle and the needle goes mad. Speed is the same but the needle spikes.

It shows false readings like 100mph when you’re going only 40 mph. such odometer failures are easy to fix. There is a plastic gear that fails.

Simply replace these gears. Unfortunately, there are two standard sizes of gears. You need to disassemble your speedometer to determine which one you need.

The hardest part of the whole thing is getting the black ring off the front without bending it up. It takes less than an hour to do the whole process if you have the gear.

You can order it online and it takes about 2 days or so to get here. Give them a call as they are very helpful.

6. Replace the Speedometer/Odometer

If the speedometer/ odometer are damaged beyond repair, it needs to be replaced. Get a new piece compatible with your vehicle’s make and model. Install the new sensor by reversing the removal process.

You can check out here to know how to replace the speedometer/odometer.

7. Reconnect the Battery

Now that you are done with all that, connect the battery and get on with a test drive.

Cost of Fixing Speedometer and Odometer Not Working

As discussed below, the gear is only a few bucks. Around $25-40.But I suggest not buying anything less than $40.

Usually, when you go to any repair shop, they would quote you a price in the range of $100-200 for the problem. But  $100  is a pretty good deal.

A fix of $75 is the cost of taking the gauge out and re-installing it. Depending on the brand and model, here’s what the prices of speedometers are:

For Honda cars, the cost of a speedometer or odometer replacement can range from $200 to $500. On the other hand, Toyota vehicles typically range from $250 to $600.

The cost of replacing the speedometer or odometer on a Ford vehicle can range from $300 to $700. This means that replacement costs for Chevrolet automobiles and trucks might range from $250 to $600.

Finally, your typical Volkswagen car speedometer costs vary between $300 and $700.

Speedometer and Odometer Not Working – FAQs

Can a blown fuse cause the speedometer and odometer to stop working?

Yes, a blown fuse can interrupt the power supply to the speedometer and odometer. This causes them to stop working.

Is it possible to repair a broken speedometer or odometer on my own?

No. It’s recommended to consult a professional mechanic for accurate diagnosis and repair.

Will fixing either of the speedometer or odometer fix the other?

Yes, the speedometer and odometer are often interconnected. In some cases, fixing an issue with one may resolve the problem with the other. Especially when the cause is related to the instrument cluster or speed sensor.

How can I determine if the problem is with the speed sensor?

Conduct a diagnostic test using an OBD-II scanner. This device can read error codes and provide information about potential sensor malfunctions.

How long does it take to fix a speedometer and odometer?

Simple repairs, such as replacing a gear, can be done quickly. However, more extensive repairs or replacements can take several hours, if not a day.

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