Trip Odometer Reset Button: All You Need To Know!

These days, most cars come equipped with a trip odometer that records the distance traveled and the time taken to do it. The ability to reset the trip odometer to zero is an essential feature for drivers.

This brief article will explain how the trip odometer reset button works and why it’s so helpful for keeping track of your miles.

What Is Trip Odometer?

A trip odometer is a feature found on many vehicles that allows you to measure and monitor the distance travelled during a specific journey or time period. You can reset the trip odometer to zero by pressing a button on the dashboard or the steering wheel.

The trip odometer enables drivers to keep record of the distance travelled for various purposes. It can be found on the dashboard, usually close to the primary odometer.

What Is The Function Of Trip Reset Button?

The trip odometer is primarily used to reset the total distance traveled for a given trip or time period.

The odometer displays the distance traveled by the vehicle on the dashboard as it records the distance traveled. Keeping track of your vehicle’s mileage is critical for scheduling oil changes and other preventative maintenance.

The main function of trip odometer is to-

  • Keep track of distance
  • Record duration
  • Measure Average speed
  • Measure fuel consumption.

The information’sare displayed in the instrument cluster.

With the help of the trip odometer reset button you can easily clear all data of trip meter TM, including recent and total miles driven, fuel used, speed, and time on the road.

Where Is The Reset Button For The Trip Odometer?

The trip odometer reset button is located on the end of the right-side steering column lever

Where Is The Reset Button For The Trip Odometer

The trip odometer reset button’s location varies by vehicle model and manufacturer. As an example, in some Hyundai car the trip reset button is on the steering wheel

However, in most cars, the button to reset the trip odometer can be found on the dashboard or instrument panel, usually close to the speedometer and other indicators.

The owner’s manual for your vehicle should have detailed directions and visuals for locating the reset button.

If you don’t have the manual or can’t find the button, you can try searching for “trip odometer reset button location” and the make and model of your car online to find instructions or videos that show you how to find it.

What Does A Car’s Trip A And Trip B Mean?

There are two trip meters—trip A and trip B—on the car’s odometer.Both Trip A and Trip B contribute to the total mileage recorded on the trip odometer.

Trip A: Distance for a certain journey or time period is commonly measured using Trip A. When starting a new trip or if you’re keeping track of miles for a specific reason, you can reset it at any time. Trip A is the more common option for shorter journeys or for keeping tabs on fuel usage in order to determine cost-savings.

Car's Trip A And Trip B Mean

Trip B: The trip odometer on your automobile has a second feature, Trip B, that allows you to keep track of the distance driven on a separate journey at the same time as trip A. You can see how many miles you’ve driven with the Trip B feature. It’s helpful if you want to keep track of more than one trip or if you need to tell the difference between different kinds of trips.

How To Reset Your Car Trip Odometer?

Vehicle manufacturers and models have different procedures for resetting the trip odometer. However, these are the general measures you can do in most situations:

Step-1 Locate the trip odometer button

Find the trip odometer button by searching for a single button or a group of buttons on the dashboard or in the instrument cluster that is labeled “Trip” or “Reset.”

Locate the trip odometer button

Step-2 Press and hold the button

Once you’ve located the button for the trip odometer, press and hold it. The amount of time you must hold it can differ, but a few seconds should be sufficient.

Press and hold the button

Step-3 Release the button

After holding the button down, release it. At this point, the trip odometer should be set to zero or another default value, based on the vehicle.

Release the button

Step-4 Verify the reset

Take a quick glance at the trip odometer to ensure it has indeed reset to zero or the desired value.

Can A Trip Odometer Be Reset While Driving?

The odometer can be reset at any time by pressing the button.

The majority of automobiles allow the trip odometer to be reset while driving. Trip odometers can be reset by pushing and holding a button on the dashboard or instrument cluster; this is usually safe to perform even while driving.

How Do You Read a Car Trip Odometer?

To read an odometer, search for the small rectangle that typically contains five or six numbers.

Usually, it is close to the speedometer. If your car is fairly new, it may have computer parts. If your car is older or less fancy, it will be a set of real, mechanical numbers.

Once you’ve found it, just write down the number that’s showing. This is how many miles the car has been driven since it was made.

In some vehicles, selecting between Trip A and Trip B requires a button press. When you push the button again, the odometer reading will show the total amount of miles driven by the vehicle.

Does Every Car Have a Car Trip Odometer?

The answer is yes; every vehicle has a built-in trip odometer. It’s a standard that’s been around for years, and in some places it’s even the law.

Your vehicle’s maintenance, gas mileage, and overall performance may all be monitored by checking the trip odometer.

Is The Trip Odometer and The Odometer On The Car The Same Thing?

Cars’ trip and main odometers are different. They track different miles.

The dashboard’s main odometer, also called the “odometer,” is built-in. It records the total distance the vehicle has gone since its manufacture or latest reset. It shows the vehicle’s total mileage, including all trips.

However, the trip odometer in the instrument cluster lets drivers track their trip distance. It displays mileage temporarily and resettable. Drivers can log trip distances like weekend getaways and everyday commutes with the trip odometer. A trip odometer reset button or function can zero it.

The trip odometer is more versatile and adjustable than the primary odometer, which records the vehicle’s overall mileage. Drivers utilize it for business mileage tracking, fuel efficiency calculations, and per-trip maintenance scheduling.

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