How to Turn Your Power Liftgate Switch Off? – Debunked!

If you own a car with a power liftgate, you understand the convenience it provides – effortlessly opening and closing with the push of a button. But what if you wish to temporarily disable this feature? Not to worry, we have the solution you’ve been looking for!

Remember the iconic moment in the Batmobile in which Batman activates a hidden switch to deactivate his vehicle’s power features? Turning off your power liftgate switch is just as easy!

In the following article, you will find out all about how to turn your power liftgate switch off. Stay tuned!

Power Liftgate Switch Off – Quick Summary

Maybe you want to make sure that your car isn’t disturbed by sudden curves or rough roads. Or perhaps you want to keep its sleek, streamlined appearance intact. Whatever your reason, turning the power liftgate switch off is a simple procedure that gives you complete control over your car’s features.

Modern vehicles increasingly feature power liftgates. So, reaching the trunk or cargo space is more convenient and simple.

However, there are several circumstances in which you might want to turn off this feature. For instance, if you frequently park in confined locations where the liftgate can unintentionally open and strike a close object.

Or if you have young children who might unintentionally open the liftgate while playing around the car. Disabling the power liftgate can also be helpful when towing or driving off-road.

The Ways to Turning the Power Liftgate Switch Off

If you’re looking to temporarily or permanently disable the power liftgate switch, follow this step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth process.

1. Using the Settings Menu/Key Fob

Sometimes it is possible to disable the liftgate through the settings menu on the left side of the instrument cluster. Other times, you may find the switch in a key fob.

Do this –

  • Locate the liftgate icon. It can be found on your key fob. If it is on the dashboard, locate the liftgate or trunk symbol on your dashboard. Go to the menu and disable it.

Settings > vehicle > power liftgate > disable switch

  • For a few seconds, press and hold the designated liftgate button.
  • When the power liftgate is disabled, pay attention to a confirmation tone or a change in how the liftgate behaves.
  • Press the same button once more to restart the liftgate.

2.   A Physical Button Near the Liftgate

Your car model may have an actual switch near the liftgate, rather than on a key fob or dashboard. Do the following in this case:

  • Locate the switch or button that is close to the liftgate.
  • It requires some pressure and time to hold. So keep applying pressure.
  • Check to see if the power liftgate has been turned off after a while.

Common Problems of the Power Liftgate Switch

Here are some common issues with the liftgate and switch:

1. Malfunctioning Switch

A broken or unresponsive switch is one of the main issues with power liftgate switches. Wear and tear, electrical issues, or water damage are some causes of this. It can be fixed by following this manual.

The switch may need to be replaced.

2. Electrical Issues

A broken or unresponsive switch is one of the main issues with power liftgate switches. Wear and tear, electrical issues, or water damage are some causes of this.

When the switch malfunctions, it can not turn the power liftgate switch off or do any operation for that matter.

Power liftgate switches rely on electrical connections to function properly. Problems such as loose wiring, blown fuses, or faulty relays can disrupt the power supply. These electrical problems need to be fixed by changing damaged components and securing connections.

In some cases when you have to do much wire work (shorting negative and positive) to get the switch working, you may need to replace the entire liftgate module. In these cases, the battery may be of lower AGM. Replace the weak battery.

3. Sensor Problems

A lot of power liftgate systems use sensors to identify restrictions and stop the liftgate from closing on them. The sensors may not work properly if they are dirty, misaligned, or damaged. This may result in erroneous detections.

Changing the faulty sensors might do the trick.

4. Liftgate Motor Failure

The power liftgate uses a motor to open and close smoothly. A damaged or malfunctioning liftgate motor may prevent the switch from turning on the motor.

Additionally, mechanical flaws, electrical concerns, or just general wear and tear over time can all lead to motor failure.

If the liftgate motor fails, it may require replacement.

5. Programming or Calibration Issues

The abnormal or faulty behavior of the liftgate may come from improper programming or calibration of the switch or system. Partial openings, incomplete closures, or poor alignment are examples of this.

This is something you should consult a professional for. But if you have some experience in calibration, you can DIY with a YouTube tutorial.

For example, all modules in modern Fords must be programmed with your specific vehicle’s AsBuilt settings (and sometimes a different firmware version) to work 100% properly.

6. Mechanical Obstructions

The power liftgate may encounter resistance or become stuck due to physical objects like trash, ice, or items in its path. Clear these from the pathway and the joints of the liftgate.

If the liftgate is in the fully locked position then it can’t be triggered with a screwdriver of ¼ inches.

Alternative Solutions to Power Liftgate Switch Off

If disabling the power liftgate switch is not possible, you may try these alternative approaches:

Some vehicles include an auto-open feature for the power liftgate. It activates when you wave your foot beneath the rear bumper or when you approach the car while holding the key fob.

There’s a slider switch in the menu for “easy access” that can be set OFF to disable this feature.

Vehicle > Exterior > Easy Open

Various cars have a valet mode that lets you restrict various features, such as the power liftgate. Usually, the liftgate cannot be opened when the vehicle is in valet mode. Because it prohibits access to personal settings.

You can physically lock or disable the power liftgate mechanism. This approach includes turning off the power or activating a manual lock mechanism. It is crucial to remember that tampering with the vehicle’s mechanical or electrical components may void warranties or perhaps result in damage.

You can also achieve this by turning on the child safety locks. The majority of vehicles have child safety locks for the back doors.

Power Liftgate Switch Off – (FAQs)

1. Can I permanently disable the power liftgate switch?

Yes, in most cases, the power liftgate switch can be permanently disabled.

2. What are the potential benefits of turning off the power liftgate switch?

Turning off the power liftgate switch can prevent accidental opening. It can also provide security in certain situations.

3. Will disabling the power liftgate switch affect other vehicle functionalities?

No, disabling the power liftgate switch typically does not affect other vehicle functionalities.

4. Are there any safety implications when the power liftgate switch is turned off?

Safety implications are minimal when the power liftgate switch is turned off. Provided that the liftgate remains secure.

5. Can I customize or adjust the power liftgate switch settings?

Yes. But customization options may vary depending on the vehicle model.

6. Can the power liftgate switch integration be affected by keyless entry systems?

Yes, some vehicles integrate the power liftgate switch with keyless entry systems. This allows remote operation.

7. What safety features are associated with the power liftgate switch?

Safety features can include obstacle detection, auto-reverse function, and manual override options to prevent accidents.

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