How Much Is A Crankshaft Seal Replacement Cost?

Depending on where you live in the US, the average cost of replacing a crankshaft seal can range from $250 to $600. You know that your car’s crankshaft seal needs to be replaced when you see –

  • Oil burning smell under your car with spots of oil
  • Poor engine performance, including reduced acceleration
  • Strange rattling and grunting noises from your engine.

Replacement costs typically depend on the type of car and the area you are in. Before you would want that cost, let’s see more details about what problems confirm the need for crankshaft seal replacement.

How Long Can a Crankshaft Seal Remain Functional?

The longevity of a crankshaft seal depends on the type of car, and what the driving habits are like.

Typically the range is anywhere between 100000 km to 1500000 km. With regular maintenance, it will last usually through the higher end of the range. 

But it is very important to keep an eye on even the smallest symptoms of potential damage to the crankshaft. Even minor issues can reduce the life of a crankshaft seal.

What Can Damage a Crankshaft Seal?

Like all other car parts, the crankshaft seal can become defective over time due to a lack of proper maintenance. Other common reasons include prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures and just general wear over time.

Crankshaft Seal Replacement Procedure

If you’re not too experienced and don’t want to get your hands dirty, it is recommended that you have a car mechanic replace the crankshaft seal for you. A car mechanic will only charge you the labor fee.

But if you choose to replace it yourself, make note that you will need a number of tools for which there will be expenses.

How to Replace a Crankshaft Seal?

If you choose to replace it on your own, here are the steps you need to follow:

Things needed:

  • Car jack
  • Seal puller
  • Belt tensioner, pulley
  • Hammer
  • Motor oil

Step 1: Access the harmonic balancer

Using a car jack, lift up the front portion of your vehicle. You need to locate the harmonic balancer which is attached to the crankshaft in the front motor. 

Step 2: Remove the fan belt

Take the belt tensioner and then loosen the bolts on the fan belt. Then use the pulley to remove it as needed.

Step 3: Extract the crankshaft seal

Now use your seal puller and pry open the crankshaft seal from its position. 

Step 4: Place the new crankshaft seal

Carefully put the new crankshaft seal in its proper place. Make sure to add motor oil to the seal to lubricate it. Then use a hammer to secure the seal in its position. 

Replacement Cost for Crankshaft Seal Through Car Mechanic 

The cost for replacement will vary depending on the type of car you have. On average, the cost for individual parts of the seal is between $70 – $85. Servicing charges are around $230 – $290. 

Although each car mechanic can charge differently, here are estimated replacement costs of some common cars and how long the process will take:

CarTotal Estimated CostEstimated Duration for Replacement
Chevrolet Bel Air$2802.2 hours
Subaru Outback$5752.4 hours
Ford E-350 Econoline$1951.5 hours
BMW 330Ci$3502.4 hours
BMW 128i$3502.4 hours
Chevrolet Corvette$2802.2 hours

Note that these are not entirely precise prices, but the total costs will surely be around the listed ranges.

Can I Continue Using a Faulty Crankshaft Seal?

It is not at all a good idea to continue driving a car that has a defective crankshaft seal. In fact, oil leaks are a common occurrence for faulty seals and this will eventually spread onto other components of the vehicle.

The oil can seep through the electrical parts and transmission. This will create too much heat, and even sparks, and can cause a fire. Damage to the accelerator and other significant components is also likely.

Even if you notice small issues initiating from the crankshaft seal, you should not ignore them. The sooner you replace the seal, the safer and more cost-effective it will be overall for your car.

When Should I Replace the Crankshaft Seal?

Whenever you see oil-related leakage issues with your car, that is when you know the crankshaft seal needs to be replaced. Here’s what you should look out for –

  • Oil coming out from the front crank pulley
  • Bottom of the clutch housing showing to drip oil
  • Slipping clutch because of oil spray

It is highly recommended to replace the seal immediately after these symptoms.

Constant oil leakage will make your car have to run on little oil. A broken seal will also transfer oil and other debris onto other components of the car, which is a major risk of fire.

Tips on Making Crankshaft Seal Last Longer

Nobody likes replacement seals needed too often or soon, so here are some things you can follow to ensure higher longevity of your crankshaft seal:       

1. Proper maintenance

Your car manufacturer will provide you with a maintenance schedule at the time of purchase of the car. Make sure to follow that routinely and check up on the crankshaft seal and other parts for any issues.   

2. Do not delay in fixing issues

Many issues can arise during maintenance. It’s always a good idea to consult your car mechanic about those and have them fixed soon as possible. The sooner you fix your car parts, the lesser damage will occur to your vehicle overall.

3. Keep away from extreme driving conditions

Avoid driving on roads and in weather that will put a strain on your car’s engine.

It is impossible to avoid such situations completely, but it is still a good idea to steer clear of extreme driving situations unless you are in an emergency situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I replace the crankshaft seal?

If you notice an engine oil leak, then you should replace it.

What causes crank seals to leak?

Too much wear is usually the main reason behind the leak.

How long should Crankshaft Seal last?

Minimum 100k miles.


The crankshaft seal is a major component of the car, but its replacement cost is neither cheap nor too pricey.

It is important to look out for deterioration symptoms and have it fixed/replaced earlier on. Proper care and maintenance of the crankshaft seal will increase its life expectancy and help save you further expenses.

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